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It's Just A Parcel

8 minutes | Young Filmmakers | 2023 
Director - Sam Turnbull

A mysterious unmarked parcel becomes the obsession of a timid girl who has to navigate around her overtly sexual housemates every day. With the unopened parcel by her side, she attempts to find her own confidence but must realise that everyone discovers themselves at their own pace.

Sam Turnbull is a student at Lancaster University studying a BA Hons in Film and Creative Writing. He grew up in High Wycombe, England, which is where his passion for film began. He grew up making mini trailers and projects on iMovie with his family and friends and was incredibly excited at the chance to direct his first movie at university: It's Just a Parcel. He is constantly looking to expand his network and create more content which has led him to volunteer at Liverpool film festival, and work with the BBC's AV technicians in London. In addition, he is currently creating adverts for the charity West End Impact. He looks forward to creating more movies in the near future and and aspires for a career in the film industry with a particular interest in screenwriting and directing.

"'It's Just a Parcel' has a very important message about exploring yourself at your own pace even if the world around you seems to moving much faster, and we thought as a group of young students we were the perfect age to explore this topic through the genre of a comedy.

We're all thrilled with the end result and are excited for you to experience the pleasure of It's Just a Parcel."

Year: 2023

Exact runtime: 8 minutes 23 seconds
Language: English

County: Buckinghamshire
Triggers / Explicit content: References to sexual activity and drug use.

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