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18 minutes | Short Film | LBFF Favourites | 2022
Director - Jack Haynes

After a family tragedy, Samuel develops severe agoraphobia and OCD. We follow him as he tries to navigate his solitary life and overcome his crippling illnesses.

Jack Haynes is a writer/producer/director. His debut short "Samuel" has recently been completed and is now screening at festivals.

In 2022, Jack started BRUX FILMS, a partnership with Writer and Producer Joseph Abraham, who together create horror and thriller shorts. Their first short, "The Hunter", is currently screening at festivals, while their second, "Changes" is in post-production. Jack recently completed shooting of his next project "Above", a horror short that is currently in post-production.

Jack also works as an assistant director on shorts and feature films, where he has built a vast network of industry professionals.

" 'Samuel' is a personal story, based on my brother, Sam, who struggles with agoraphobia and OCD. I wanted to use my first opportunity as a director to give a voice to my brother, and others like him, to show a real and heartfelt depiction of these often crippling illnesses.

"Samuel" is not so much a plot-driven film, but an experience. I hope that by bringing people into this character's space, and up close to his daily struggles of living with these problems, it may inspire others to confront their own problems or to tell their stories."

Year: 2022

Exact runtime: 17 minutes 46 seconds
Language: English

County: Sketchy Link to Three Counties

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