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Spag bol

12 minutes | Short Film | LBFF Favourites | 2023
Director - BRICK

Following a double homicide, two crime scene cleaners find themselves entangled in an unlikely romance.

Who said romance is dead?

BRICK, a first-time filmmaker from London, has a passion for crafting stories that are as bizarre as they are compelling. BRICK operates as a video editor with a wide knowledge of pre and post-production, he has shaped a solid foundation in storytelling which inspired him to create his debut short film: 'spag bol'.

"When writing 'spag bol', BRICK wanted to add a twisted take on an unlikely romance, taking a meet cute and placing it in the dark backdrop of a double homicide to show the juxtaposition of relationships; all love has a start and an end."

Year: 2023

Exact runtime: 11 minutes 46 seconds
Language: English

County: Buckinghamshire
Triggers/ Explicit Content: Gore and reference to murder.

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