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Legacy of the Shadow Children cover.jpg

Legacy of the Shadow Children

13 minutes | Documentary | Student Film | 2023
Director - Susanna Booth

How the tragic deaths of 26 children in a Yorkshire mine in 1838 had far-reaching consequences.

In 1838, British coal was powering the industrial revolution and providing extraordinary luxury for the middle and upper classes. But few considered the thousands mining the coal until 26 children died in a tragedy at Huskar Pit in Silkstone, near Barnsley. This documentary sheds light on the life of the miners and explores how the disaster changed Britain for the better.

Susanna is a short film producer and former journalist who has written widely about British culture, which sparked her interest in social history.

Year: 2023

Exact runtime: 12 minutes 40 seconds
Language: English

County: Bedfordshire

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