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March 48 hour film challenge

In March we hosted a 48h film challenge. I met the team (Tony, Rory, Dan & Kata) in The Bald Buzzard Micropub to give them their prompts:

Location: Waiting room

Object: A pair of dice Line: “I have found something so that you will never have to be poor again, but there is a catch…”

"That’s when the fun starts” mentioned Tony when I asked him how their creative process went. "Many off the wall suggestions and hilarious moments happen in this brainstorming ideas phase. Could a dice roll be part of a game with a forfeit? We quickly realised that a surreal scene would look good.” One of the group members had a vision of a person standing on a roundabout playing the trumpet. As soon as the idea was mentioned, it stuck with the group.

With a little imagination The Bald Buzzard was turned into an old fashioned waiting room at the train station. Luckily the owner of the pub was happy to help them out.

Kata mentioned that one of the most challenging parts was to keep continuity between the shots. During filming it was difficult to pay attention to the various camera angles. However, this didn’t stop them. The group had a good vision of what they wanted, which made the edit for Kata very easy. It was in that way no surprise that the team finished the video hours before the deadline.

Tony was excited from start to end. “It was great fun to spawn ideas together, plan and execute the filming and put it all together. I would recommend it to anyone. No previous experience needed - just a desire for some communal creative fun and shared sense of well-being required. And - a shared experience you will never forget.”


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