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Boy in the Back Seat

13 minutes | Short Film | LBFF Favourites |
Director - Scott Pickup

1986. A young boy is left unattended in the car while his volatile dad takes care of some 'business' in a dodgy local pub. What could possibly go wrong?

A bold, edgy and urgent film about toxic masculinity and the damage we pass on to the next generation.

Scott Pickup is a writer, director and content creator.

Scott is a multi-award-winning creative who has made work for major international broadcasters (Sony, NBC Universal, Viacom, ITV) and runs his own creative agency (

"There are just some ideas, moments, stolen bits of conversation that stick with you. Things you can't shake off. Those are the things I make films about.

I'm passionate about real people in extraordinary situations. Working class stories with heart, humour and a little dash of darkness."

Exact runtime: 12 minutes 49 seconds
Language: English

County: Hertfordshire
Triggers/explicit content: Strong language, reference to violence.

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