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Film Guide

Once again we have received many fantastic film submissions for LB Film Fest. From comedies to dramas and documentaries. There is something for everyone. Find out more about the films that we're screening in our film guide.

24th Sept: Opening Night 
26th Sept: LBFF's Favourites

27th Sept: Experimental Film Gallery
28th Sept: Documentary Night

Find our full programme here



7 minutes | Young Filmmakers | 2023 

A teenage girl starts her first minium-wage Summer job delivering pizzas and meets some very strange characters.


Out of The Storm

 8 minutes | Young Filmmakers | 2022 

Stuck at school with a storm on its way, student Audra seems terrified - being struck by lighting in the past she has never felt the same. Surprises and guest appearances prove that Audra had never escaped the storm after all...


It's Just a Parcel

8 minutes | Young Filmmakers | 2023 

A mysterious unmarked parcel becomes the obsession of a timid girl who has to navigate around her overtly sexual housemates every day.*

*References to sexual activity and drug use.


Can I Stay? 

5 minutes | Local Filmmakers | 2023 

A man tries to come to terms with his faults before it’s too late.*

*Strong language, alcohol abuse

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A Helping Hand

10 minutes | Local Filmmakers | 2023 

An anxious teen hopes to scam some money from her estranged father, but their imperfect relationship reaches a breaking point when he arrives but doesn't look at all like she remembered...


Run Away

4 minutes | Local Filmmakers | 2023 

Alex runs away from home and quickly discovers how dangerous the world can be.



21 minutes | Local Filmmakers | 2023 

An uplifting short film that follows Michael as he adjusts to divorce and his new status as an at home carer for the elderly.  Can Michael tune in to the wisdom and humour of Alan, the extraordinary man in his care, before anger and bitterness consume him. 

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