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Landscape with water

4 minutes | Experimental Film | 2022
Director - Andrew Payne

Andrew Payne is a British artist who has been fascinated by aspects of the natural world for most of his adult life. He has a degree in Fine Art and studied printmaking as a postgraduate student at the Slade School of Fine Art in London from 1978 to 1980.

After leaving the Slade he used photography for many years to create pictures of his local landscape. In 2006 he started filming the changing movement and light in the landscape near to or in his home. His films are non-narrative in form, often retaining the abstract qualities of his earlier photographic work.

His films have been screened as abstract or experimental cinema, but have also been shown in art galleries along with work by video artists and artists working in other media. They have been shown in UK, and in Europe, the USA, Canada, India, Vietnam and Korea.

Year: 2022

Exact runtime: 3 minute 37 seconds
Language: English

County: Bedfordshire

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