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1 minutes | Experimental Film | 2023
Director - Jay Dixon

A viral infection in my brain has kept me bound to this room for two years. This is what it's like.

Jay Dixon is a 24-year old filmmaker from the South-East of England. As an autistic person and member of the LGBTQ+ community, she strongly believes in the power of film to put a spotlight on social issues and catalyse change.

In 2020 I contracted two concurrent viral infections in my brain and have been bound to my room ever since. During the first year of my illness, I was unable to communicate and suffered a mental breakdown so, in order to cope, I began writing poems in my head that expressed how I was feeling when I was unable to myself. Thankfully, that time has passed and I'm now well enough to start making films from my room. This experimental film uses one of the poems I wrote shortly after my breakdown to juxtapose the apparent tranquillity of chronic illness with the inner turmoil hidden from the outside world and aims to demonstrate to the wider public the impact of chronic illness, something that isn't widely publicised yet affects millions of people around the world.

Year: 2023

Exact runtime: 1 minute
Language: English

County: 'Sketchy link' to three counties

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