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Read to Me

15 minutes | Short Film | LBFF Favourites | 2023
Director - Dan Horrigan

A dyslexic con on his first day in Strangeways Gaol receives a letter that could save his life. Who should read it?

Dan Horrigan is a writer & director for stage and screen. His work has been hand-picked by Danny Boyle and screened across the world with over 100 Official selections and numerous awards. His influences are eclectic and his range of work diverse - and he has judged films for several leading festivals in the USA and more recently here in the UK.

Dan is also a published writer appearing in the inaugural edition of the London Spoken Word Anthology from GUG press. His first play Once Was Home won the Critical Stage Award and was produced at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. From there he began directing in London for the stage and has produced over 100 events - from spoken word to mixed media - podcasts and standup to classical drama and circus. Dan's range of work is broad - there's no organizing principle - just a restless desire to experiment and to always be moving into new territories.

Dan's next film will be a YA ghost story that takes place at a petrol station - it's in pre-production and will be completed by the end of 2024. It's a real heartbreaker. 

"Read to Me is a crime story about doing love and a love story about doing crime. It's also a true story in the way only fiction can be - written over a long hot summer on a roof terrace in Hampshire - performed in London's West End - then adapted for the screen in Southport and shot in Fulham - it's a crime drama romance.

Whether writing or directing it all comes from the same place – I tap the bruise – the feelings run. It’s not a masochistic process, in either case, it’s an enormous and sustaining pleasure. I can protect the feeling of writing and then I have the great pleasure of sharing the work with actors. It’s here that we can connect our imaginations. The actors have their own discerning sense of truthful storytelling. I believe in the power of the imagination and the ways in which we can get a story out are adroit. The work with the actors is rewarding because they trust my truth and we can discover theirs and then we have the character. It’s about synthesis and moving our understanding further down the road."

Year: 2023

Exact runtime: 15 minutes 15 seconds
Language: English

County: Hertfordshire

Triggers / explicit content: Reference to crime.

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